At Kentfield Country Estate we endeavour to support a variety of charities, we bring our local shooting community together for event days and raise funds for local causes close to our heart.

Our legendary fundraising clay shoot day hosted by the 26 times world champion, George Digweed, raised in excess of £5’000 for Demelza Children’s Hospice.

We have also hosted charity clay shoots for “Jamie’s Wish to Walk”, “Oliver Fisher Baby Care Unit” and “Friends of Shelby Newstead Trust” – all benefitted from our fantastic clay shoots.

As well as supporting local charities we have also invested in supporting the wildlife on the estate, which started in 2009 when we had a full development conservation plan advised and written for us by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, these initiatives have helped us introduce measures such as leaving un-mown grass strips at the sides of fields for the mice & voles which in turn feed Owls and Hawkes.

We plant 5 acres of wild bird seed & sunflower mix to help the native birds through winter, we also leave wild flower and grass meadows uncut until September for the Skylarks and have put Owl boxes in each of the barns of the farm for the Owls.

In addition to this we also plant 4 acres of Deer friendly grass seed mixes which include Chicory and clover to encourage local Roe & Fallow deer populations.

Even the Island on our lake is planted with Pampas and dense grass plants to allow good safe nesting areas for the Wild fowl living and breeding on the lake.