Kentfield sporting estate is set on the edge of the beautiful North downs, offering clay pigeon shooting, fly fishing and other activities. 

Our speciality is to run corporate days built upon enjoying the outdoors and escaping away from the telephone and pressure of the office, all of which fade away after just a few minutes at this magical place. 

Kentfield estate is set on the edge of the beautiful North downs,

We have a traditional shooting lodge, and produce most of the food from the estate all of which allows your day to be a social and memorable one.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Here you can experience the thrill of shooting shotguns for the very first time, knowing that you are in the safe hands of our experienced coaches and in safety cages built for purpose.  We have 12 automatic clay traps that can simulate most common game species and bolting rabbits.

We cater for men, women and children over the age of 12 who all seek that excitement of smashing your first clay. We can mould your day to suit any event whether it be a social get together, an experience day or a company team building day, we can make the challenge of busting those targets as hard or as easy as you wish.

Why not try our challenging “Clay Flurry” shoot out competition, which involves the best and worst shots of each team shooting it out in a 20, 40 or 60 clay target extravaganza!! However you will be shooting as a team, once you start shooting the clays don’t stop, load and shoot as much as you can before your clays stop coming! Its the highest score that wins the day!!!!!!

Or Alternatively,

We can also organise a morning or afternoon simulated game shooting, where you will be looked after as if on a real game shooting day, but this time your quarry is simulated pheasants rather than the real thing!

You will start the day with breakfast in the shoot lodge, where you will draw your pegs for the mornings shoot and then you will be taken to your first drive on our gun bus, ready to start your morning / or afternoons fun!

Our traps will be strategically set up high on a bank to simulate the real thing flying over you with over 500 clays passing over your head in differing sequences and angles.

After that its onto the next drive and elevenses’.

A great way to experience game shooting or sharpen up your shooting for the forthcoming season.

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Fly Fishing
Our experienced instructors will provide everything you will need to experience the thrill of beating that elusive Trout in his own environment on a 4 acre lake….

Here you will have the opportunity to fish on a private Trout lake which is at the heart of the estate, you will be taught all the basics from choosing a fly that matches what is emerging naturally at that time of year, through to successfully casting and landing your own fish.
Our Rainbow & Brown Trout are in prime condition and are sourced locally with most fish weighing between 2-5 lb in size and believe me when you hook one you will very clearly know one is on the end of your line……………….
Then we will have your fish all ready gutted for you to take home for your dinner! What better day can you have but enjoying nature at its best at the side of our beautiful lake.

Why not try one of our feather and fin days???

Corporate Days

Kentfield estate is the perfect venue which is very close to London and all major airports it is ideal for hosting your company event, staff away day or even product launch.

We host all types of team building events and can cater for parties from 10 people to 400 people.

We specialise in countryside and motorsport activities during the day or alternatively you can simply hire the venue for your guest or conference.

Our caterers use foods such as Wild Boar, Aberdeen Angus beef, Southdown Lamb and Pheasant all from the estate when providing the options for breakfast, lunch or dinner for your guests at the waters edge or in our traditional shoot lodge.

Quad Bikes
Quad biking can be great fun, our automatic quads are easy to use and with over 200 acres of woodland and countryside to explore and play in, this can be a great activity to enjoy for both Men and Women. Minimum age is 12 years old to ride a quad.
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